Good Morning Auschwitz
with Hardmouse and Jett


June 26, 2018 Episode 2 MP3 DOWNLOAD LINK Welcome To Auschwitz Rommel visits the Camp Mouse Won’t Stop Plugging Auschwitz New Pizzeria Jett May Be Sent To The North Afrika Front Shem reveals the Hungarian Soccer Game was Jewed Chutzpah: Howard Stern vs Andy Dick Jesse Lee Petersen

Episode 1, June 9, 2018
MP3 DOWNLOAD LINK Welcome to the Camp
Camp Workers are lying and Mengele is suing!
The Future of Hip Hop is Gay
Fuentes refuses to Box Patrick Little
Fuentes and The Soy Boys Then Insult the Troops and Commit Career Suicide

Good Morning Auschwitz 
Jett Rink & Hardmous 2018